The American High School (AHS) offers an American-style international program, preparing students for success. AHS provides a student-centered, American-style education that encourages children to develop their full potential, achieve personal excellence and become global citizens committed to lifelong learning. In AHS, two programs are available: the Lebanese and the American for those who fit the criteria set by the Ministry. Moreover, the Lebanese Program is set to ensure students pass the official exams. AHS embraces values of accountability, respect and empowerment. Technology is a key focus at AHS and an integral part of student learning.
AHS is licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education under the Lebanese Decree # 2060. Moreover, AHS is affiliated with the American University of Science and Technology (AUST).


  • AHS ensures a modern and rigorous education to prepare students to excel in the changing world of tomorrow.
  • AHS wants the school environment to be a place where students feel welcomed and are enthusiastic about learning.
  • AHS wants students to feel that their teachers, administration, and other staff in the school support them so that they can achieve their best
  • AHS wants to make sure that all students are treated fairly
  • AHS wants students in school to treat others in the same way that they expect they should be treated themselves in similar situations
  • AHS wants students to learn strategies to prevent negative behavior
  • AHS wants to focus on the whole child, providing support for student success and not focusing only on discipline

Our focus on the whole child means that we clearly understand that we need to support student success using new approaches and tools. We hope to teach students the necessary skills to help them solve problems, enhance social skills, connect with caring adults, and receive extra help when they need it. Our staff and faculty are trained to understand and address behavioral problems, while supporting and reinforcing positive relationships. Underlying all of this skill-building is the concept of respect for others. Our dedicated and professional faculty members are a vital component in a student’s path to success. Our school is a place where individuals’ culture, language, heritage, and experiences are valued and considered.