What is Unique

What is Unique about AHS?

  • After School Program:

AHS offers an after school program that provides opportunities for leadership and personal growth. The AHS sports and after-school educational activities are designed to provide students with a variety of activities wherein students can learn new skills, develop their talents, and socialize with friends. The activities fall into three main categories: active, creative and academic. Students finish all their homework and activities in the after school program hence relieving parents, at no added cost, from this burden and ensuring quality time with their children. Students are encouraged to take the opportunity to participate in at least one activity during the school year.

Key Features of the Program:

  1. Hot nutritious lunch prepared with care and love to keep our students healthy
  2. Caring, trained and experienced adult leaders
  3. Safe, accessible and inviting facilities and equipment
  4. Providing a variety of physical activity experiences, artistic and musical activities, as well as quality academic instruction for children and youth
  5. Promoting the well-being of all aspects of the students and ensuring their physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.
  6. Providing quiet times for homework with adult help and peer help when needed.
  7. Addressing the specific needs of  students : inclusion, positive behavior, leadership skills and academic support.

State-of-the art facilities

Our excellent facilities include:

  • 3 modern science laboratories: Biology, Physics and Chemistry
  • 2 modern computer laboratories
  • 1 Robotics laboratory
  • a 1000 volume library with e-books
  • interactive white boards and panels in all classrooms
  • integrated technology in the classroom: tablets, robotics, programming and 3D design, digital art and photography classes
  • three separate outdoor playgrounds