Instructional Process

Instructional Process Policy

The teaching /Learning activity can be considered as a process, called The Instructional Process, which starts with the definition of what the learners should know and finishes with the evaluation of what the learners actually know. To support teachers in the process, the following are the basic steps of The Instructional procedure:

Step 1: Analysis

  • Developing learning goals:
    • Identifying instructional goals, i.e. targets to be reached by learners.
    • Defining specific learning objectives
  • Understanding learners:
    • Analyzing learners and gathering as much information as we can on their abilities, needs and backgrounds

Step 2: Design

  • Developing Learning Objectives
  • Designing Outcomes

Step 3: Develop

  • Facilitate Learning:
  • Classroom Logistics
    • Create, assemble, and review instructional material available to students
    • Create interactive lessons, teaching/learning activities
    • Create evaluation activities
    • Promote digital literacy and the use of digital tools
    • Arrange the physical layout of the classroom to suit the instructional procedure adopted (pairs, group work, presentations, activities, games …etc.)
    • Have students work in teams to communicate and collaborate
  • Ground Rules:
    • Have students set their own ground rules and expectations to demonstrate ownership and commitment.

Step 4: Implement

Putting the lesson planned for into practice

Step 5: Evaluation

  • Self-evaluation
  • Student Reflection and feedback:
    • Periodically checking in with the students helps build class solidarity and communication.
  • Student Learning

Step 6: Revision

  • To improve the learning performance if the results of students are not satisfactory, the revision step introduces some corrections in order to improve the overall performance of the instructional process by:
    • Revising instructional analysis
    • Revising the objectives
    • Revising the methods of instruction
    • Revising the implementation techniques and material